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Associations – Why Now Is The Time To Catch The Global Wave?

For many years associations had the luxury to choose whether to engage globally. However, the old strategies of focusing on an exclusive U.S. membership base, programs and viewpoints will not suffice in the decade ahead. The world economy has changed, and only new approaches, a broader and more panoramic focus and new solutions designed to respond to today’s global changing market will provide future success. Now is the right time for associations to embrace global diversity, expand their membership bases across borders and help increase value to current and potential members.

One of the biggest and constant challenges associations face… To download the full PDF: ‘Expert Eye: Associations Catching The Global Wave’

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  1. swbratcher March 30, 2009 at 11:29 pm #

    My first thought is that an organization or association that means well for its members may consider and be very open to globalizing their footing. However, the ominous amount of legalization and administrative effort to exist internationally can easily deplete valuable resources and funds. Is this only for the huge, well funded associations or can the little organization entertain this expansion as well?

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