Discover proven strategies and solutions for successful participation in the global market

9781118030158_cover.inddWith less than fifty percent of middle market US companies succeeding at going global, corporate executives need to know how to build effective global execution platforms that will allow their organizations to thrive in a global economy. Filled with case studies and indispensable checklists, Grow Globally guides executives in crafting an actionable global strategy that will not only stand the test of change—but that will also be on target, on budget, and on time.

  • Reveals how to anticipate change in global decision-making and execution
  • Explores how to identify trends and respond to differences between internal corporate culture and the target culture
  • Includes case studies, checklists, process visuals and resources, plus a website that hosts online tools and materials

As the world becomes more dependent on technology and trade borders gradually disappear, your company needs to acquire the tools and skills necessary to compete in the global market. Grow Globally presents the skills needed to build a global execution platform that will keep your organization relevant and competitive in the international landscape.



QFinance Mona‘This is going to be incredibly useful to me. A really great reference guide.’
The Times

‘The wealth of knowledge in this is surprising.’ The Banker  ‘QFINANCE: Impressive.’
Thomson Reuters

‘Essential reading for finance professionals,’

‘QFINANCE is truly the most indispensable resource for both the budding finance professional and for those who consider themselves experts.’
William D Cohan, winner of the FT/Goldman Sachs Business Book Award



Middle Market M&A

In-depth coverage in a single handbook of the middle market based on the body of knowledge of the Certified M&A Advisor credential program, with a contributed chapter by Mona Pearl on the global aspects of M&A.

M&A BookM&A advisors have an unprecedented opportunity in the middle market with the generational transfer of wealth and capital being deployed by private equity and corporate investors. Middle Market M&A: Handbook for Investment Banking and Business Consulting is a must-read for investment bankers, M&A intermediaries and specialists, CPAs and accountants, valuation experts, deal and transaction attorneys, wealth managers and investors, corporate development leaders, consultants and advisors, CEOs, and CFOs.

  • Provides a holistic overview and guide on mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and strategic transactions of companies with revenues from $5 million to $500 million
  • Encompasses current market trends, activities, and strategies covering pre, during, and post transaction
  • Addresses the processes and core subject areas required to successfully navigate and close deals in the private capital market
  • Includes content on engagement and practice management for those involved in the M&A business

This practical guide and reference is also an excellent primer for those seeking to obtain their FINRA Series 79 license.


Discover Your Inner Strength

Imagine sitting down with Ken Blanchard, Stephen Covey, Mona Pearl and Brian Tracy and picking their brains for their best advice on their challenges, triumphs, and how they weathered storms.


Everyone has inner strength.  For some, it is evident in their leadership style.  For others it shows in the unstoppable way they push on to reach their goals.  In many, it is manifested in a quiet self-confidence that helps them triumph over the tough times in life.

You can do that when you order the book:

‘Discover Your Inner Strength – Cutting Edge Strategies from Industry Leading Experts’ includes Mona’s chapter on ‘Leadership for Global Competitiveness’.

Mona, Brian, Stephen and Ken share their vision and advice that will help you steer the wheel in the direction of success and self-fulfillment.

There are many who are perplexed about what “inner strength” really means and specifically how to find it and use it.  Discover Your Inner Strength is the tool that can help you do just that – discover your inner strength.  The authors of in this book have been chosen because they are specialists in their fields.  They know what it means to dig deep to find their inner strength and achieve the success they now enjoy.


Book Projects

Everyone wants Success. How do you know when you have really achieved it? Is success measured in what one has or is it measured in some other way? Some have said that success is a journey, not the destination?

I have met people who have all the things all the gadgets, possessions, and fame that anyone could want, but who still believe they haven t quite reached the top of the success ladder.

Between the covers of this book are conversations with some of the most interesting people I know. Together, we decided that people need good, common sense information that everyone can understand about this sometimes misunderstood topic of success. So we decided to sit down and have some conversations some straight talk about various aspects of business and how to achieve success in today s struggling economy.

I think you ll agree with me that these innovative people are pioneers in their various fields. They have original ideas that will give you a fresh outlook on how to succeed in business and in your personal life as well. The conversations I had with these fascinating speakers and trainers will make you think. Their experiences provide new channels of information that will help you climb the success ladder. Success you can achieve it!

There are many self-help books on bookstore shelves today. Yet with the production information and advice, truly useful commonsense information that can be understood by everyone is not readily available. Straight Talk: Corporate America’s Ten Most Requested Speakers & Trainers is a book to fill that information gap.

This book is an indispensable tool for those who think there is a higher rung on the ladder to success than the one they re standing on.