Grow Globally for the Middle Market by Mona Pearl

9781118030158_cover.inddAs the world becomes more dependent on technology,and as trade borders become seamless, middle market companies need to acquire the tools and skills necessary on how to compete in the global market. Since most strategies fail in the execution phase, this book triggers proven effective approaches and strategies to use when entering new regions of the world or expanding your base in the international arena.

Middle market companies need to learn to do it right the first time around, while being competitive in the global market against more seasoned and savvy players. With a less than 50% success rate of middle market US companies going global, corporate executives need to know how to successfully plan, implement and thrive in a complex and constant changing global economy.

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Validate or course correct your strategy with a deep dive into global growth strategy.

Who is this book for?

Grow Globally guides middle market C-level executives and those in charge of corporate global expansion strategies on how to craft a successful global actionable strategy. It provides the skills needed to build a successful global execution platform that will stand the test of change and still be on target, on budget and on time. It covers how to anticipate change in global decision making and execution,how to assess trends, and how to respond to differences between internal corporate culture and the target culture. The book includes case studies, checklists, process visuals and resources, plus a website that hosts online tools and materials to implement key concepts covered in the book.



“Middle-market companies need guidance to craft a global strategy that will work right the first time, and that’s exactly what Mona Pearl has given them with this book.”

From the Foreword by Christopher Petersen, Management Today magazine


“Mona Pearl has offered a roadmap for middle market companies seeking to take their businesses global. She provides concrete guidance typically available only at a cost most middle market business owners do not want to incur. I thoroughly recommend this as a must read.”

Frederic D. Floberg, Managing Director, The Chicago Corporation-a middle market invest bank.


“Grow Globally is the practical guidebook for smart corporate international expansion. Mona Pearl details the dangers, the opportunities and most importantly the necessary steps to ensure your success. If you run a company and are planning to expand into other countries, you must read this book first.”

Robert Jordan, author, How They Did It: Billion Dollar Insights From the Heart of America President, The interimCEOinterimCFO network


“Grow Globally will challenge your thinking and guide you on how to successfully penetrate global markets.  Mona has tremendous experience in helping companies grow globally.  This book captures years of her experience in guiding companies to success in global markets.”

Steve Laubenstein, Former VP of Sales, Small and Medium Enterprises, Symantec Corp.  (NSDQ: SYMC)


“Mona Pearl provides a beacon of light in the turbulent seas of International business development.  The concepts in her first chapter are so clear and concise for anyone embarking on this exciting business journey.  When I began the search for International growth for my company 25 years ago, I wish that Mona had been by my side.”

William C. Hewins, Vice President, International Welch’s – Concord, Massachusetts


“We found reading Grow Globally to be very useful in reinforcing our strategy and many of the tactics we’ve implemented to grow outside the U.S.  It’s beneficial to gain further insight from a well respected strategist with a diverse background in helping businesses grow outside their strong core markets.”

Kurt Powell, Senior Vice President Global Accounts Brian Wisniewski, Senior Vice President and GM International BUNN Corporation


“For any executive whose organization has entered or aspires to be part of the global arena, Grow Globally is a must read. It is an in-depth, comprehensive, A to Z discussion of all the elements to be considered when taking a business global. While experienced C- Suite and Corporate Development leaders understand the need for strategy and risk assessment, Grow Globally goes beyond the lip service of “buzz words”. Mona Pearl with her vast “on the ground” experience provides practical, detailed and insightful approaches to creating successful global business outcomes. She is a highly regarded member of AM&AA, who exemplifies the spirit of collaboration that is so well articulated in her new book.”

Michael R. Nall, Founder, Alliance of M & A Advisors