Written by Mona Pearl

A Trailblazer Facilitating Sustainable Growth of Companies in A Global Environment

Coined by clients as the “The Task Force”, Mona Pearl helps companies with entrepreneurial mindsets – build-fix and grow- companies that face complex challenges across borders. She charts & coordinates programs and actions that help them become competitive and sustainable internationally.

Mona speaks 6 languages, has lived on 3 continents and has been involved in over 20 start-ups as well as the expansion of many established companies. She has served as COO/CMO for three companies and helped build and scale ventures in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East, while establishing an international network of contacts which helps ease the path in many overseas operations. She has served as an international advisor to many of the world’s leading companies and governments on global strategy, transformation and innovation. She has worked across many different industries ranging from manufacturing and technology to homeland security, hospitality and transportation.

Mona is a true believer in education and broadening the horizons and she makes it a point to mentor the young generation and share from her experiences either through teaching at the university level globally, or through private sessions. Throughout her life, she has fostered a love for intellectual curiosity and ongoing learning. With each new experience on her journey, whether good or bad, positive or negative, she adds another dimension to her understanding of people, cultures and how to best penetrate the global marketplace.

Mona uses these experiences and knowledge to impart insight and wisdom for the benefit of her clients, her students and her work. She cites an example when she started a technology manufacturing business. Mona says she learnt how to negotiate across borders to deliver the best possible product for markets in both North America and Asia. She maximized the value of a global supply chain by sourcing abroad and working collaboratively with other business people from around the world. Ultimately, the product was developed in Germany (German top engineering), designed by Italians (Italian top design and style), and made in the USA (American quality). She also learned the importance of protecting products and intellectual property in the global arena the hard way when her high tech product was reverse engineered.

For the full interview: http://www.asiabiztoday.com/article/2016/05/09/facilitating-sustainable-growth-companies-global-environment#sthash.Io7qvsiI.Uz4dbVvG.dpbs