Written by Mona Pearl

It is not about achieving glorious vision, it’s about real change

Focus on results, not on an elaborate vision or change process. Being internationally engaged is key to your company’s future success and competitiveness in world markets. Someone once said that what separates America from other countries is they’re just countries while America is an idea. How do you express your business idea in an actionable manner?

U.S. companies talk a lot about a global vision, but it takes commitment and “know-how” to turn it into reality. When deciding to go global, a company needs to assess its real potential, strengths, and talent and lay out a plan. Many U.S. corporations failed in their global ventures due to lack of research and information.

A company needs to understand the environment and be able to judge change versus vision issues. In this case, waiting for two years with no results or change proves the notion and the U.S. business climate that drives to “stay the course” as opposed to driving change. Not doing anything creates a limited margin of error.

In many cases the vision is not realistic. Sure, everybody wants to be the best, everybody wants to be the leader, but how is your company going to do that and achieve this leadership position? Glorious vision looks great on paper, but it’s not always actionable and many companies fail because they

follow a vision that is not looked at in the appropriate context and may not be realistic or actionable. Again, it may work in the United States, it may sound wonderful, but it is not actionable. While it may sound glorious, you have to know where you are going and how to get there following the road to success and excellence.