Written by Mona Pearl

Where Do The Women Visionaries of the World Gather?

Mona Pearl at LeaderSHE – the most important reunion in Central and Eastern Europe of women leaders active in business, politics and social life. LeaderSHE Forum will take place in Vienna, Austria where elite personalities and celebrities, both men and women – be it in politics, business or social life – will debate over major themes of the day, from a woman leader perspective: government-driven solutions for business sustainability, globalization and market expansion – cross-border business development, the aftermath of the economic meltdown – reinventing business models, strategies for sustainable growth and innovation: never ending reforms of the healthcare systems, risk management, energy security and sustainability.

In a global uncertain world where all the rules were broken this past couple of years, we all crave for a new kind of leadership; Leadership that has the flexibility, the ability to communicate, the commitment and panoramic vision to navigate the storm and get us safely to shore. The world is in search for a unique set of skills and a new generation of leaders. Are women the leaders the world has been waiting for?” Asks Mona Pearl, confirmed speaker at the LeaderSHE International Forum, and Founder & COO of BeyondAStrategy in Chicago, IL USA.

A superbly impressive line-up of worldwide visionary women – leaders will take place on April 7 – 8 at the LeaderSHE International Conference and Gala Dinner, organized with the special cooperation of Mr. Erhard Busek, former vice-chancellor of Austria, in Vienna. 

“As women in a complex business world, we need to be true to ourselves as to what we want to do and who we want to be. Let’s accept the fact women and men are different. Let’s play the business game as women and not forget for a moment the range of skills we bring to the table. Let’s focus on collaboration, while translating our uniqueness into advantage. We have to believe in ourselves and learn to embrace achievements and success. Let’s stop focusing on limitations and perfection, and center on possibilities while doing the right things. Dare to let yourself dream and visualize with open eyes, and you may be surprised how fast reality follows. Let’s become the role models we didn’t have”, concludes Mona Pearl, Romanian born and has been managing her global strategic expansion firm for over 10 years now in the US.

Mona Pearl’s experience in international strategic development and global entrepreneurship has been vital in helping companies design and execute their global strategies. Ms. Pearl is known for her out of the box thinking and developing creative solutions to tough challenges which produce bottom line results. Mona Pearl was featured along side with Philip Kotler and CK Prahalad in an interview on The Search for Global Consumers.

Among the high profile speakers and confirmed debate generators to join the Leader SHE Community in Vienna, Forum Invest proudly announces Gabriele Heinisch Hosek, Minister for Women and Civil Service, Austria, Barbara Prammer, President of Parliament, Isabel Aguilera, director of INDRA Sistemas Spain, quoted by the Financial Times as one of the first 25 European Executives, as well as one of the only two Spanish women included in Fortune Magazine´s Top 50 Most Influential Executives in the World, Ms Mona Pearl, Global Business Expansion Expert, Founder & COO Beyond a Strategy, USA, Ms. Elisabeth Rehn, the First Woman Minister of Defense in Finland, Minister of Equality Affairs & Presidential Candidate in 2000. Ms Selma Aliye Kavaf, State Minister for Women and Family Affairs, Turkey, Ms Vasso Papandreou, Member of Parliament, Greece, Ms Barbara Kolm, President, European Center for Economic Growth, Austria, Dr. Amany Asfour, President, Egyptian Business Women Association & AfroArab Network for Women Empowerment, Egypt have also confirmed their official participation at the most important Central & South-East European reunion of Women-Leaders. http://www.foruminvest.ro/conference/leadershe2010/agenda