Written by Mona Pearl

Why do foreign companies beat U.S. corporations to the punch?

Many U.S. corporations have been so successful for so long that it seems now they are too slow to react to changes in global markets due to a lack of being able to see a different point of view. Successful global expansion depends on leaders who think proactively, sense and foresee emerging trends, and are not afraid to act upon them. To accomplish that, U.S. corporate leaders have to possess a global mindset and be open to new opportunities in new countries, involving different cultures.

The emerging countries decided on a global strategy years ago, stayed the course, planted the seeds, and now they can enjoy the fruit. The U.S. economy seems to have just awakened to a new world order. Overnight transformations are a recipe for failure. Successful global expansion and trade happen as a result of a long-term vision, a road map, and a timetable.

Many foreign companies that are now direct competition to the U.S. have been more exposed to global business. These leaders have learned to deal in a less structured, bureaucratic, and regulated reality. They are more comfortable with ambiguity and have developed an efficient decision-making and execution process, and this basically enables agility and the tracking of issues in parallel and real time.