Global Trucking Company
Crbigstock-Truck-On-Freeway-12556430 (2)eated a global collaborative relationship to provide assistance to the victims of the Tsunami in India.
Spearheaded, organized and collaborated with a major trucking company, the US air force and a
As a result:
This project assisted and built as part of a major strategy, enter a new global market that resulted in many millions of dollars in the following years.
On a social responsibility level, victims got medical assistance, which helped save lives.


Global Aviation
Was hbigstock-Girl-with-the-planet-Earth-and-41213722ired to fix, build and grow the operations of a global aviation service group. Managed the North American brunch, with all financial, legal and human capital aspects.

Run and manage the project in North America while being the face to the airline officials
Negotiate and maintain the relationships, and discuss growing and/or changing needs and concerns
Hire, train and maintain human capital to work around the country. Was in charge of a team 47 people.
After a major global crisis, redefine the project, add participants and maintain relationships.
As a result:
The company grew as a result of the fieldwork and continued to get larger projects which increased from $1 million to over $5 million in projects worth within the 5+ years I managed the project.


Global Telecommunication
Lebigstock-Telecommunication-Towers-View--32373383 (2)d a new state of the art product introduction for in the US, Europe and China.
Managed a team of 12 to complete the project.

As a result:
Opened the markets and created name recognition worldwide.
From zero to $2 million within one year.
New product innovation and upgrades that created a product mix.